Excellent resharpening service

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Excellent resharpening service

Our extensive services guarantee efficiency for a whole tool lifetime. A uniform service standard on the highest level is of crucial importance for our service locations worldwide

LEUCO diamond and carbide service: worldwide

The maintenance of quality tools is necessary for optimal results in woodworking. This is satisfied with a worldwide network of specialists and sharpening services that put your tools back in shape. Our global pickup and delivery service has its own service network covering your area as well. As a quality-aware tool manufacturer we repair all of your tools.

Whether sharpening of all tooth geometries and tooth replacement up to adjustment, alignment, eroding and setting - the precision and quality required, throughout the entire life-span of the tool, along with ensuring the economy of the work at the same time, are the factors in measuring the work of our LEUCO Service Team.

LEUCO sharpening service: quality features

  • Sharpening know-how of well-trained LEUCO employees
  • Modern machines as well as measuring and testing technology
  • Availability of your tools based on strict sharpening schedules

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